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Buccal Fat Extraction (Cosmetic Surgery)

Buccal Fat Extraction

Buccal Fat Extraction is a type of cosmetic surgery that plays an important role in improving your face and correcting it. Buccal fat extraction involves the removal of excess fat from the cheekbones to have a slimmer and smaller face.

Usually, people with round faces and relatively large cheeks are dissatisfied with their beauty. This is especially true during laughing and disfigures people's faces. Buccal fat extraction surgery is one of the best ways to remove excess fat and improve the shape of your face.

Buccal fat is part of cheeks’ subcutaneous fat that by reducing its volume, modeling of people's faces is done. Fortunately, this operation does not require anesthesia and ends in less than 1 hour. To perform Buccal Fat Extraction cosmetic surgery, only a very small incision is made in the client's mouth and the existing fats are removed.

By performing Buccal Fat Extraction operation, the protrusion of the cheekbones and the bone tissue is more visible and it plays a very effective role in the beauty of your face. Although the Buccal Fat Extraction operation has a great impact on your beauty, it is not necessary for everyone.

Buccal fat is one of the deepest fats in the body, and its protrusion makes the face beautiful, unless the amount of fat is too much. At Paradise Specialized Clinic, you can get all the required information to perform this operation by using the advice of a specialist.

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