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Double Chin Suction (Cosmetic Surgery)

Double Chin Suction

Nowadays, we are always seeing the creation of various methods for removing the double chin among the cosmetic surgeries in the world and one of the most famous of them is the double chin suction. Double chin in people usually occurs with an increase of fat in the area below the neck.

As you age, the skin under your neck loses its elasticity and becomes stretched. As the skin sags, more and more fat will little by little accumulate at this point, which will significantly affect your beauty over time. Having excess fat in the neck and under the chin makes there no room for separation between the neck and jaw, and for this reason, the beauty of your face is significantly affected. By doing double chin suction surgery, your face will look much slimmer, just like when you exercised for a long time and lost weight. Fortunately, the double chin suction surgery is performed in a very short time, less than 2 hours, and this cosmetic surgery also has a very short rest and recovery period.

One of the most interesting things about the double chin suction surgery is that the collected fat can be reused to remove the person’s own skin wrinkles. Also, the neck fat suction is usually performed on an outpatient basis and or under local anesthesia.

At Paradise Beauty Clinic, you can get the most complete possible services for doing double chin suction cosmetic surgery with the advice and examination of a specialist.

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