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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is one of the most common problems among men and is less common among women. It is a problem that draws many people to beauty offices and dermatologists every year. For hair loss treatment, many ways have been invented in recent years to stop hair loss or regrowth.    

There are several reasons for hair loss, including hereditary diseases, accidents, the use of certain medications, or even iron, phosphorus, calcium, and zinc deficiencies. In cases where hair loss is mild and limited, hair loss can be treated or controlled with a special program and diet.

But in cases where the hair has fallen out severely, the best approach is to have a cosmetic hair transplant. Hair transplantation has different methods and by using natural hair transplantation in different parts of the body, the lost hair can be compensated. Nowadays, in hair transplantation procedure, part of a person's body hair in areas such as the back of the head that is denser and the probability of hair loss is less, is removed and it is used for other areas.  

The removed hair is implanted with the delicacy and finesse of natural hair growth in the new area, for example, the upper part of the forehead and the front of the head. During this process, incisions of one millimeter are made in the recipient area and the transplant process takes place. Due to the fact that the transplantation is done from the person's own body, the body does not react after the procedure and the hair repair and transplantation process is done well.

At Paradise Beauty Clinic, we bring back the freshness of youth by using the latest methods of cosmetic surgeries and most up-to-date devices. At Paradise Specialized Centre, we help you to eliminate existing facial imperfections while maintaining the beauty and natural and normal appearance of the face.

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By taking advantage of the knowledge of top surgeons and specialists and by using the latest devices with modern methods in the field of beauty and rejuvenation, Paradise Specialized Team helps you to eliminate facial imperfections by maintaining the natural and normal appearance and sustain freshness on your face.