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Peeling is one of the methods of rejuvenation, increasing the beauty of the skin and eliminating blemishes and freckles which is done chemically. The materials used for peeling actually create a kind of burn on the surface of the skin, which is very superficial and light, and it is controlled in the early stages. With this approach, the skin improves and repairs itself and produces a new layer for the skin.

Newly produced skin generally has a clearer, brighter and more consistent appearance. It actually starts to repair the skin and the process of producing a new layer begins soon. It should even be noted that the first signs of an effective peeling are premature repair.

Changes after peeling usually begin between 7 to 10 days after the procedure. Long-term processes in this method such as stimulation of fibroblast for collagen and elastin synthesis are also performed within 2 to 6 months after peeling. Peeling has many uses in cosmetic surgeries and skin rejuvenation, that among them, we can mention the followings:

  • Elimination of defects such as pregnancy spots
  • Freckles
  • Increase of melanin pigments of the skin such as burns’ place
  • Severe acne and deep pimples’ place
  • Scars and wounds
  • Pores’ roll up and shrink
  • Secretion control and regulation of skin fat

Different materials are used in the peeling method, and for the use of each, in addition to pre-use advice, age and gender are also important.

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