Plxer rejuvenation device

Plxer rejuvenation device


Plexr is a device with a precise and professional design to eliminate fine skin wrinkles and it is used in cases where fine wrinkles are not corrected by filling. The plexr device has many uses in cosmetic surgeries, and compared to laser and Fractional RF, it looks better because it directly turns the solid part of the skin into steam and destroys the least amount of interstitial water.

Among the applications of Plexr device, we can mention the followings:

- Eyelid reconstruction without the need for surgery

- Cleaning tattoos

- Removing skin imperfections such as warts, fibroids and sun spots

- Improving the effects of surgery, acne and sutures

- Treating wrinkles and lines around the mouth

By using the Plexiglas device, small spots are created on the skin, which leads to the contraction and tighten of skin fibers. In this method, plasma is used to rejuvenate the skin which creates small electric arches on the skin by ionizing the gases in the air. In this process, skin lifting, regenerating and repairing is done faster.

Using the Plexiglas device has many benefits that among them we can mention the treatment of delicate skin wrinkles and the elimination of superficial skin effects such as acne scars and wounds.

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